Once the harvest begins, a race against time starts, because olives are among the most sensitive fruits. They are, therefore, immediatly brought to our installations and pressed into oil on the very same day. Before extraction, leaves, twigs and other foreign particles are removed and the olives are washed with spring water.

Oil extraction
The actual extraction is undertaken in our own oil-mill where only our olives are processed into oil. With the help of the modern two-phase oil-extraction method practically no additional water is needed. That way all valuable substances, especially polyphenols, natural anti-oxidants, are preserved. During this process the temperature remains below 24 °C.
In addition, no liquid waste is incurred. The remaining olive mass returns to the olive grove to be used as fertilizer after composting. 

The final product
The extracted oil is kept in air-tight stainless steel containers. It purifies, settling naturally until it becomes clear. The oil is then separated from the sediment by transfusion and bottled without filtering.

ATRAPOS olive oil is real olive juice and thus reveales all the attributes of the fresh olives. It smells and tastes of fresh olive: slightly bitter, spicy and a little itchy down the throat. But fresh olives do have the same effect. The oil is unfiltered but clear, thus foreign remaining particles generating cloudiness, reduce the oil’s quality and expire date.

These are absolute quality attributes that characterize high-quality extra virgin olive oils like "ATRAPOS".