Our History

Dimitris Papaioannou and Maria Hahn give up their professions as a marine engineer and an economist and business administrator and leave Athens. Their plan: Cultivate their olive grove organically and later on farm on it bio-dynamically. Dimitris and Maria had engaged with Rudolph Steiner’s anthroposophy since the 1990’s and had found his discourse on agriculture particularly fascinating. Translating Steiner’s agricultural discourse into Greek provided them with crucial impulses.

Making that decision was not easy and the path full of obstacles. But their love to nature, their will to preserve the environment with bio-dynamic farming methods strengthened their conviction of producing high quality organic foods in an economically sustainable manner.

Naming their business ATRAPOS, Dimitris and Maria started processing and exposing their certified organic olives to the market.

That year marked the beginning of the construction of their systems which helped the process of production proceeding. Further the variety of products in their range of goods expanded.

The acquisition of a two phase oil pextraction machine allows an environmentally friendly extraction of oil. Today the olive oil is self-produced under high quality standards .

- Award for the extra virgin olive oil of "ATRAPOS" at "Biofach" 2009, the world’s biggest organic trade fair. Two further awards followed at "Biofach" 2011.
- Bronze medal for the green ATRAPOS olives at the 1st edible olive competition in Athens, organized by the European Network of Regional Development.
- ATRAPOS Ltd is the first company in Greece certified by Demeter International for the biodynamic cultivation and processing of its products.

The path was worth it and continues...